Got Maskne? Taking Care of Your Skin During a Pandemic

We are living in a different world right now. Worldwide, we are having to wear face masks almost everywhere we go. This can definitely affect our facial skin. Having to apply hand sanitizer and wash our hands multiple times throughout the day can affect the skin on our hands.

Maskne is a new trending word we are hearing right now. What is Maskne? Acne caused by wearing a facial mask. There are ways to prevent, avoid, and treat Maskne. 

Avoid Maskne by changing out your mask often. You should never wear your mask more than one day. If you are wearing a mask in hot temperatures or while working out, you should switch to a new one after. If you have a skin treatment done, you should leave wearing a fresh mask. Good news, most spas are offering patients and clients a clean mask post treatment. 

Treating Maskne can take time and patience. First, you should wash your face every morning and every night. Switch out your pillowcases once a week; two to three times a week for more severe acne. Wash your makeup brushes, especially if you are wearing makeup under your mask. You should wash makeup brushes once a week. 

Here at French Med Spa & Cryotherapie we recommend using Lira Clinical products.

Below is a list of products we recommend based on age. Please consult with your esthetician on which products are best for your skin.

Teen's to 20's:

Morning routine-

Wash your face with Lira Clinical BIO Enzyme Cleanser, Apply ICE Balancing Lotion, Apply SPF Solar Shield 30 Oil Free

Night routine-

Wash your face with BIO Enzyme Cleanser, Followed by a second cleanse with ICE Sal Cleanser, 2 to 3 times a week use ICE Clarifying Scrub, Once a week use ICE Refining Mask, Apply ICE Balancing Lotion.


Morning routine-

Wash your face with MYSTIQ ILuminating Cleanser, Apply MYSTIQ ILuminating Beauty Oil, Apply BIO Hydra C Serum, Apply SPF Solar Shield Hydrate

Night Routine- 

Wash your face with MYSTIO ILuminating cleanser, Followed by a second cleanse with PRO Exfoliating Cleanser, 2 to 3 times a week use MYSTIQ ILuminating Polisher, 2 to 3 times a week swipe skin for one minute with PRO Anti-Aging Pads, Apply PRO C4 Retinol serum, Apply MYSTIO ILuminating Beauty Oil

When it comes to treating dry hands from sanitzer and antibacterial soaps, we recommend Lira Clinical's Silk Souffle body moisturizer. To protect your hands from aging, apply a pea size amount of SPF Solar Shield.

Consult with your esthetician on which facial treatment is best for your skin. We recommended a series of Lira Clincal facials or a series of Clarifying Hydrafacial MD treatments. Stop in anytime to pick up and restock your Lira Clinical products. Schedule online at or call us directly at 630-797-5991.

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