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MYSTIQ Infused C - by Lira Clinical


The clinical effects of cannabidiol join the new Power Entourage in Lira Clinical's MYSTIQ Infused C. Following the practice of utilizing powerful ingredients in clinical products, we are excited to unveil what years of extensive research and development have created. The new "Power Entourage" of clinical cannidbidiol (CBD), terpene rich MASQ-tech™, lipid soluble vitamin C and antioxidant enhancing glutathione strengthen the natural functions of the skin. Phyto-powered botanicals increase healthy cell structure, manage the inflammatory cascade, and strengthen the skin's immune response. This formulation calms, soothes and stabalizes all skin types and conditions and is especially beneficial for reactive skin.


Key Benefits:


Does Infused C Contain THC?

No. MYSTIQ Infused C contains the single molecule cannabidiol and terpene-rich MASQ-tech™ creating the exclusive Power Entourage delivering multiple histological benefits. With every country's regulatory requirements, we wanted a product that would be effetive, but accessible and permissive under the global hemp regulatory guidelines. 


How Much Cannabidiol is in Infused C?

Many factors are considered when deciding on a miligram content for hemp infused products. We knew we wanted a specific skin response and relied on scientific evidence and guidance for the specific milligram content by volume. For maximum skin benefits, MYSTIQ Infused C contains 500mg of U.S. grown, organic hemp extracted cannabidiol.


What Type of Product is it? Hydrating? Pigment? Corrective?

All 3! This is a multi-functional clinical CBD/Vitman C product. Its consistency is thicker than a serum but not quite a creme. With hydration, brightening, and anti-inflammatory benefits, this anti-aging powerhouse is great for all skin tyopes, including compromised and reactive patients, both post treatment and for home care.

Use up to twice daily after cleansing or alternate evening application with PRO Retinol Creme, MYSTIQ iLuminating Beauty Oil, BIO Lift Creme, or BIO Caviar Creme. 


What Products Pair Well With MYSTIQ Infused C?

Anti-Aging: PRO Retinol Creme or PRO Anti-Aging Pads

Pigment: PRO Lite Serum

Acne: ICE Clarifying Treatment or ICE Clear Stick depending on acne severity

Rosacea: BIO Lift Creme

Compromised: BIO Recovery Balm

Dehydration: BIO Hydra Infusion or BIO Caviar Creme


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