Say Goodbye to Love Handles with Venus Legacy™ Non-Invasive Radiofrequency Technology

This painless, non-invasive body contouring treatment can help sculpt and tone your body.

Do you work out regularly but still struggle to get rid of weight around your hips? Is the problem made worse by cellulite and sagging skin? We have a solution. Venus Legacy™ is a body contouring treatment that'll help you say goodbye to stubborn fat. 

At French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie in Saint Charles, Illinois, you'll receive one-of-a-kind treatment. Our medical director and founder, Karen French, DC, and our highly trained staff employ a holistic philosophy while using cutting-edge treatments. We'll tighten your skin, shape your body, and leave you looking and feeling your best.

Love handles

While fat can gather anywhere in the body, it frequently settles in the hips, abdominal areas, and lower back. This happens for many reasons. For example, a diet high in fat, sugar, and calories and not enough physical activity. Additional causes may include hormones, sleep deprivation, and undiagnosed ailments. Hypothyroidism is a common condition that impacts your metabolism and makes it difficult to lose weight. Even aging can lead to the accumulation of fat, especially around the belly.

No one likes the look of love handles, but there is more to worry about than your appearance. While by themselves they aren't dangerous, they can indicate serious health conditions. For example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

Body contouring

Our state-of-the-art body contouring system can help sculpt, tone, and contour without pain or surgery. Are you looking to lose extra fat while having your skin look firmer, smoother, and younger? Venus Legacy™ could be the answer.

Using multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed electromagnetic fields, the treatment heats the tissue under the skin's surface to increase collagen and elastin fibers. This treatment also shrinks the number of fat cells, which are then eliminated naturally. In some cases, adjustable pulsed suction is also used to allow the energy to go deeper and result in more effective treatment.

Safe for all skin tones, a Venus Legacy™ treatment typically takes no more than half an hour. The number of recommended treatments varies depending on the individual and the location of the procedure. 

You will continue to notice improvement for three to four months post-treatment. For optimum results, a maintenance session is often recommended three or four months after the initial treatment.

There is no pain and no downtime — you can return to your daily schedule right after the procedure.

Are you ready to lose those love handles? Contact us at 630-283-6096 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today. Don't wait, find out how Venus Legacy™ can improve your life.

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