Start the New Year with More Energy, Balance, and Focus with the Crystal Healing Bed

Crystal bed therapy opens up your chakra energy zones and balances your energy field to invigorate your body and your mind. At French Med Spa and Cryotherapie in St. Charles, Illinois, you can experience this “bed” lined with seven quartz crystals that are precisely cut and designed into shapes that promote optimal energy flow.

When you lie on the bed, the crystals fall into a position that aligns with each of your seven chakras. The coloration of each crystal supports the aligning chakra’s vibration and frequency. Before you dismiss the bed as just another alternative healing technique, read on to learn how the bed is truly a game-changer when it comes to finding energy, balance, and focus.

Chakra alignment

Crystals have long been used by yogis and natural healers to balance physical, emotional, and spiritual energy in your body. The chakras, spanning from your root — or pelvic floor — to your crown at the top of the head govern everything from creativity to sexual energy to communication to spiritual growth and connection.

The bed aligns these energy zones to help you be balanced and live the best life possible. In addition, the crystal bed can induce deep meditation and relaxation while reducing inflammation and detoxifying your mind and body.

Energy shifts

When your energy zones are in balance, your mind is sharp and your creativity on point. The universe operates according to energy and vibration. You absorb energy from other people and experiences — and that energy isn’t always compatible with your intentions and health.

Crystal healing provided by the bed opens up your chakra energy zones so you operate on a frequency level in sync with the life you want to live. The energy waves heal your body on a physical and spiritual level. Physically, the bed can ease sinus and migraine issues, induce better sleep, and balance your body’s pH levels. Along with these physical benefits, your mind becomes clearer and your focus on point.

Customization of treatments

Your experience on the crystal healing bed is entirely customized. You share your intentions for healing and revitalization prior to your session, so the area that needs focus gets the most emphasis.

The session itself is like a deep meditation. While some people have an intense emotional response, others feel super relaxed — almost as if they’re floating during the 45- to 60-minute session. You feel energy pulsate through you as you shift in and out of consciousness.

Regular visits to the crystal energy bed help keep your chakras in balance, your energy boosted, and your mind clear. You may need a visit just once every 4-6 weeks, but if you have a more sensitive constitution, you may choose to come in more often. Regular crystal bed healing therapy helps you hold a higher vibrational state.

To experience the healing power of the crystal healing bed, call French Med Spa and Cryotherapie for an appointment or schedule using this website. With a variety of healing modalities that address skin vitality, body shape, and chronic illness, the team led by Karen French, DC, welcomes you to visit the luxurious spa to achieve your energy and aesthetic goals.

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