Dermaplaning or Epidermal leveling is another form of skin resurfacing treatment that does not involve the use of a laser however instead involves the manual exfoliation of the top layer of skin using a surgical grade scalpel or dermatome. In as little as 20 minutes, Dermaplaning can remove 2-3 week’s worth of dead skin cells as well as unwanted peach or vellus hair. Dermaplaning also aids in the better absorption of skin care products and is extremely safe when done by a professionally trained esthetician. Because dermaplaning is removing vellus hair, it can be performed every 3-4 weeks. Removing the hair with a dermatome will not change the structure of the hair. Simply, the vellus hair will continue growing back as vellus hair. In addition to allowing for the increased absorption & penetration of skin care products, dermaplaning stimulates cell turnover, improves the texture of the skin, gives the skin a healthy radiant glow & increases skin’s hydration. Schedule your dermaplane facial with our medical spa today! Why not add a collagen firming mask to your treatment?

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