IPL Photo Facial with Radio Frequency


Also known as Intense Pulsed Light, photo-facial, fotofacial, or photo rejuvenation. IPL delivers pulses of light. It is not a laser. The light stimulates collagen growth & skin rejuvenation.

IPL is best intended for skin rejuvenation, the treatment of hyperpigmentation such as sun damage & couperose skin. The pulses of light target at blood vessels, age spots, freckles, rosacea & large pores. A mild thermal reaction is on the skin triggers wound healing and thus skin rejuvenation begins. When wound healing & skin rejuvenation begins, collagen is stimulated as well resulting in a smoother & even complexion.

This is a non-ablative procedure. The skin improves with each treatment so a series of treatments is recommended. IPL can treat the entire face, neck, decollate & the hands. 

Recap: IPL helps with the reduction of hyperpigmentation or sundamage and age spots, reduction of red facial veins or couperose skin, reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, improves the appearance of acne skin & large pores, improves the appearance of rosacea skin & overall stimulates collagen & elastin.

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