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Your time is valuable, and the last thing you should do is waste another minute on getting rid of unwanted body hair. With the help of Karen French, DC, CAc, of French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie, you can get premium Venus Velocity laser hair removal treatments and start enjoying your visibly smoother skin right away. Get started on your personalized laser hair removal package at this St. Charles, Illinois, medical spa by booking a consultation online or over the phone.





Laser Hair removal works by deactivating the hair stimulating tissue in the skin, leaving a permanent smooth surface. Laser hair removal can be done in a number of areas on the body. The most common areas for hair removal are: The bikini line in women, facial hair (the "mustache") in women, back hair in men, the underarms in women, the chest in men, and the lower legs in women. There are several home lasers designed for hair removal, such as the Tria laser. While these devices are capable of some hair removal, they are extremely low power, battery operated lasers, and have very limited effects. In addition, the home laser devices are extremely time-consuming, taking hours to get a large area covered. In sharp contrast, the Vectus Laser system used by French Med Spa Naperville can remove hair from even the larger areas, like the back in only around 30 minutes or so. The procedure is also administered by a health care professional, who is trained to safely administer the laser for the most desired outcome.

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