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Thanks to the advanced fractional laser technology behind Clear + Brilliant®, you can erase years of sun damage and signs of aging. Leading aesthetic practitioner, Karen French, DC, CAc, provides customized Clear + Brilliant treatment plans at French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie in St. Charles and Naperville, Illinois, so you can start feeling more confident in your own skin. Find out how Clear + Brilliant can beautify your skin by booking a consultation today. Schedule your appointment online or over the phone.

Clear + Brilliant Q & A

What can Clear + Brilliant treat?

Clear + Brilliant is one of the newest generations of fractional laser energy treatments designed to reverse the signs of aging. The groundbreaking technology behind Clear + Brilliant can:

  • Leave skin softer
  • Improve the look of fine lines
  • Treat an uneven skin tone and texture
  • Reduce the appearance of larger pores

Not only can Clear + Brilliant fight the effects of aging, it’s also helpful for preventive measures, so you can help your youthful skin last for as long as possible.

How does Clear + Brilliant work?

The Clear + Brilliant platform involves gliding a specialized handheld tool over your targeted area. This tool utilizes Optical Tracking™ System technology, which helps your French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie practitioner maintain proper contact with your skin throughout your treatment for entirely uniform energy delivery.

With each burst of fractional laser energy, Clear + Brilliant creates millions of microscopic wounds. As old, damaged skin gets whisked away, healthier, more vibrant skin starts rising to the surface.

Your entire Clear + Brilliant session from French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie often lasts less than half an hour. Once your treatment is complete, Dr. French and the aesthetic team counsel you on how to properly care for your skin to enhance your Clear + Brilliant results. For optimal benefits, you may need anywhere from four to six monthly Clear + Brilliant sessions.

Is there any downtime after Clear + Brilliant?

You may experience some slight redness after your Clear + Brilliant session, since blood flow to the treatment area increases. Usually though, radiant skin is immediately visible. After Clear + Brilliant, Dr. French may recommend applying a topical antioxidant serum or even a soothing biocellulose masque for 10-15 minutes, just to refresh your skin and promote healing.

In the weeks following your Clear + Brilliant session at French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie, new tissues continue to regenerate and replace older tissues. With each passing day, you start noticing that your skin continues to feel softer, look younger, and appear more even-toned.

Click on the online scheduler to book your Clear + Brilliant consultation at French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie. You can also call the medical spa directly to book.

Individual results may vary.