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Restoring your mind-body-spirit balance and re-energizing your chakra with the Crystal Healing Bed can leave you feeling entirely invigorated. With her extensive training in alternative medicine and healthfulness, Karen French, DC, CAc, of French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie can help you reach your optimal physical and spiritual health through relaxing Crystal Healing Bed sessions. Step into this luxurious zen therapy room by booking an appointment at this St. Charles and Naperville, Illinois, medical spa. Request your Crystal Healing Bed session online or over the phone.

Crystal Healing Bed

What is the Crystal Healing Bed?

The Crystal Healing Bed is a pure zen-like experience that incorporates new age crystal light therapy to promote a superior spiritual mind-body experience. It’s set up with seven quartz crystals that are all cut and designed into various shapes to promote different energy frequencies.

Each crystal is positioned into a location to align with your seven chakras. Plus, every crystal has a designated color that’s designed to support the aligning chakra and its corresponding vibration and frequency, for superior benefits.

During your Crystal Healing Bed session, lights shine on and off at varying rhythms in an effort to cleanse, balance, and re-align your chakra energies. You may feel different energy sensations present — such as warmth or cooling movements — to aid in both spiritual and physical healing.

How can the Crystal Healing Bed help me?

You go into your Crystal Healing Bed session with an intention and focus on what you want to heal. Depending on your specific needs, the Crystal Healing Bed experience can help:

  • Improve energy levels, focus, and concentration
  • Destress and reinvigorate your mind
  • Improve blood flow

Because your Crystal Healing Bed experience at French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie is tailored to you and your specific stresses and concerns, you can expect to have a super spiritual experience.

What happens during a Crystal Healing Bed session?

A Crystal Healing Bed session is the ultimate in luxurious zen and meditation therapy. After slipping into your all-white spa robe, you enter the relaxing pure-white room. 

As you lie back and relax, and listen to the sounds of nature, the crystals reflect light and energy to stabilize your chakras and restore balance. You start noticing an increase in your senses, clearer thoughts, deeper relaxation, and enhanced spiritual understanding of yourself.

This entire blissful Crystal Healing Bed experience lasts 30 or 60 minutes. Once your session is complete, you have an opportunity to sit and relax before you use your enhanced energy and focus to gradually re-enter your daily routine.

Book your Crystal Healing Bed session at French Med Spa & ºCryothérapie today. You can either click on the online scheduler or call the medical spa directly.

Individual results may vary.