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French Med Spa Uptown Naperville uses the PicoSure Focus Lens Array laser, laser skin rejuvenation is designed to address a number of different skin issues at one time. Many people with freckled skin, fine lines, sun damage, face scars, pigmentation issues, and stretch marks can benefit from the powerful affects of the laser. Over time, skin problems become more pronounced, and the laser treatment can target several issues in a single area. For example, if your main complaints are sun damage and fine lines on your face, the PicoSure laser treatment can address both of those issues, rejuvenating your skin and returning it to the way it looked when you were young. Laser skin rejuvenation using the PicoSure Focus Lens Array laser is most commonly done on the face, but it can be done on nearly any part of the body that needs rejuvenation.

There is extremely minimal recovery time required after a laser skin rejuvenation session. The majority of patients have only mild aftereffects. The skin may be reddened for a few hours, and it may feel slightly warm. This is generally similar to a mild sunburn, but it will usually go away within hours. This is a sharp contrast to a surgical face lift, which would leave you in bed for weeks after the surgery. Treatments last for anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour, and most patients notice results after only one treatment.